Walton Primo NX2 Full Review

Features NX2-1

Walton Primo Nx2 One swipe to Ensure Security
Primo NX2 introduces convention swipe feature to unlock phone. Now keep safe and forget the password as your finger tip will work as the key. Just swipe behind the phone and unlock the phone without wasting energy on memorize.

Make Your Phone Universal Remote
it’s great to have universal remote in your pocket that can turn on the TV, switch on or off the light, change the music track on home theater system. Walton Primo NX2 offers such to control that definitely satisfies all your demand with one dynamic app. Just sit back, relax and do everything from your phone with tap.

Features NX2-1
Home Theater
Primo NX2 is surely your mini home theater in commute as this pocket multimedia system able to play smooth Full HD 1080p video playback anytime and the NXP effect of audio enhancement convert you time juvenile.