Samsung Galaxy Android Mobile Smartphone Price in Bangladesh 2016

Introduction to Samsung brand

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]amsung is a well-known brand for its mobile phones. It is a multinational company which has originated from South Korea. The company which is a famous brand in present was started in 1938. Initially it started in the field on food processing, textiles and retail. It became well known in the field of electronics and more specifically in the mobile phones and semiconductors. The major income is generated from its mobile phones sections. Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh is reasonable as compared to other mobile phones.

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Samsung as the Central Provider

The world of smartphone has become competitive and Samsung is the only brand which is able to survive the Android market with the best technology. Every year new models of the Android phones are introduced into the market but still there is something which makes Samsung different from other. Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh is similar to other countries. The first thing that makes Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh unique is its display technology. It is considered as the global leader in the screen technology. There is an interesting fact that the display screens of Samsung are supplied to its competitor Apple. Samsung has recently announced its Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S which has the best features.

Another reason for Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh being reasonable is that the Samsung makes the entire smartphone using its own technology. The other manufacturers of smartphones take parts from different people and then develop their phone. Samsung has its own software development center which develops the memory chips, processors, cameras and they not only use in their phone but also supply it to other manufacturers. The microprocessor of iPhone 5 is provided by Samsung. It is said that software features of latest Samsung Galaxy A9 are unique and it is to be launched in 2016.

Unique Features of Samsung

The above points clearly explain that Samsung smartphones and other mobiles have a flexible and creative approach which helps them to respond in every corner of market. The Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh is low as the brand produce a number of similar devices in different sizes and observes the market to know which size is most preferable to customers. I will explain this with an example. When Samsung Galaxy S III was launched, people felt the screen too big. Samsung was able to launch the same mobile phone with smaller screen within 7 months. Samsung has the capacity to produce every phone at every price and every size.

You can easily get the Samsung mobile phones in market and the Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh is same as compared to any other place. Most of the manufacturers focus on apps that can be downloaded. Samsung is different from others and thus it provides the smartphone with inbuilt features and pre installed apps. Samsung provides everything that is necessary free of cost. So, Samsung is different from its competitors because of the performance, screen technology, quality production and flexibility. There are many other features that make it different. Apart from mobile phones, Samsung have announced the Notebook 9 series which will be launched in 2016.


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