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The mobile phone price in Bangladesh is comparative to the rest of the world but there is a rise in use. There are currently 130,843,000 mobile phone users in Bangladesh as of 2014. This is impressive as Bangladesh has 157,497,000 living residents. This number will rise in the next 5 years where only 1 percent of the population will be without a phone.

The market is growing exponentially and is showing signs of promise. With that said if you or your loved ones are in the market to buy a phone, our website will help you along that process. We review the all of the smartphones on the market so you get all the information and questions answered before making your purchase. Just search what your budget is and see what your Smartphone price in 2016 is. Search Android Mobile or Apple Mobile, and the use your discretion as to which phone will suit your needs.

Check Latest Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh 2016

Android Mobile

Android is one of the most popular Operating systems out on the market. People love Android Mobile because it is 100% customizable. You can place Apps wherever you want on your homescreen, you can put weather widgets on your home screen. Widgets are and always will be Androids milk & butter. Android Mobile is still a fan favorite from the customization alone. I have noticed that the speaker on Android Mobile phones are second to none and equipped with hi­def quality. Also Android Mobile has been more active in software development. They love to make changes to the OS as much as possible. Some find it annoying while a majority of users love it because it gives them a state of the art device.

Apple OS

Another option would be Apple OS. I personally use Apple because of the simplicity. I like how there is only 1 button and the gestures are just phenomenal. Productivity with an Apple phone is like no other. You can customize Apple phone slightly but your options are very limited. But that is not always such a bad thing. Multitasking is easier and more efficient than ever, Facetime is a very nice feature where you can talk to friends and loved ones via camera. I just feel overall more connected to my IPhone. I love it and many other users do as well. The fingerprint scanner is such a helpful feature on my phone. I can access my phone without typing in pass code.

Smartphone price in 2016

Smartphone price in 2016 holds a lot of technology promises such as the Nexus, iPhone 7, Galaxy edge 2, Galaxy S7 and more!

This means you will have the opportunity of buying a much cheaper phone than the new ones if your budget requires. Prices will be as they always have. IPhone ($750­ – $999) Android mobile phones ($550 – ­$999) All it comes down to is what you prefer. these are the mobile phone price in Bangladesh. I hope this article has given you some information you might have not known otherwise. Remember take your time when picking out a phone because it is a pretty big decision since some of them are pretty expensive, be sure that you love the phone and know the ins and outs before purchase. What are you waiting for go buy a phone, everyone else has! 🙂


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